Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor


Mr. Donny Chow - Chinese Physician / Tabib Cina


H/P: 013-3022473

Member of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association



Work History:

1990~2008 Night Shfit Doctor of Kuala Lumpur Chong Hua Medical Centre
2004~2001 Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor at De Chun Sdn. Bhd.



Mr. Donny Chow is a very experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. In 2004, he invented the acupuncture stick as an substitute for the needle used in acupuncture. The acupuncture stick has similar effect as the needle in improving the blood circulation and the flow of Chi. This provide an alternative for people who are afraid of traditional acupuncture using needle.

The acupuncture stick, unlike acupuncture needle, can be used to apply pressure on the acupuncture point at the bottom of foot to check the health condition of organs. Thus providing corrent informations for diagnosis and enable timely treatment.



We provide both the more traditional, raw material herbs and also herbs extracts provided from Da Hua Medicine Sdn. Bhd.. The herbs extracts are easy to be prepared, administrated, and yield effective results.