Various types of Porcupine Dates

Grassy Dates

The most aromatic and bitter of all.Grass fibres can be seen clearley on the dates.

Powderly Date

When the Grassy Dates had been in the stomach of porcupine for some time.
It will eventually become Powderly Date.Not as aromatic and bitter as Grassy Dates.
It is also layered and each layer is thin as paper and easily ripped off.

Grassy-Powderly Date

A middle product between Grassy-Date and Powderly Date,Grass fibres is less visible but still very aromatic and bitter.

Black Date

Harder and darker,this type of date is much bitter but less aromatic.
Very similar to Powderly Date,but darker.

Kernal Date

A date covered by hardened fruit shells.Moderately bitter and aromatic.
Can be very similar with Black Date.

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